Crofton Hall Estate_0002
Crofton Hall, before it was demolished in the 1960’s.

The Crofton Estate was held by the County Council for many years, and remained largely derelict. In 2008, the council deemed it ‘Surplus to requirements’ and it was placed up for auction. The lot which includes the listed estate archway, the stable block, the former dairy, subterranean ice-house, walled garden and site of the former Crofton Hall, plus surrounding woods and land was included in this auction, and the CL site is located within the walled garden.

The surrounding derelict buildings have been sensitively restored by local craftsmen, or in some cases, where the structures of the buildings were so poor that repair was not possible, the local heritage officer was consulted and new buildings were constructed that retained the character and materials from the derelict structures they replaced.

As a result, several small businesses are located in the former dairy, the stables and the workshops that formed part of Crofton Hall when it stood. These are our nearest neighbours, and they provide a great opportunity for our visitors to get a flavour (literally) of the local area and the estate.

Thornby Moor Dairy

We can’t recommend highly enough a visit to the Thorny Moor Dairy, located in the former estate dairy building just opposite the site. They hand made small batches of artisan cheese from goats’ and cows’ milk. They also host a few ‘cheese making days’ for those of you who want to try your hand at making cheese yourself. See their website for more details, or drop by during opening hours when you visit the CL.

Saunders Chocolates

Located in the west wing of the Stables, just opposite the site, is Saunder’s Chocolates. They manufacture the highest quality chocolates by hand, in beautiful gift boxes, which are supplied locally and nationally to delis and other discerning resellers.

You can learn more about them by visiting their website.

Carlisle and District Course Angling Club

Our nearest neighbour is the Angling Club, who own and care for the Crofton Lake. For more information about fishing there, or just having a pleasant evening stroll around it, see our dedicated page on the topic.